How to Prepare Household Items Before Warehouse Storage

Feb 2021
Prepare Household Items Before Storing in Warehouse

Relocation is generally hectic and chaotic; you are constantly confused about where to start and where to end! Whereas it becomes more complicated when packing your luggage to store it in a warehouse for the long term. Storing your dear possessions and furniture in storage would need some extra care during the packing and transportation of goods. Do it right and save time, energy, and your favorite collection of home decor. Follow a few packing tips that might help you in keeping your valuables safe in the warehouse:

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Verify the warehouse properly

As you will be storing all your hard-earned belongings and lovely collection of valuables, ensure you do proper research on the warehouse service providers so that you don’t regret it later. The following points mentioned below might help:

  • In the warehouse, you will be storing all your important and loved possessions that need to be stored properly. So when you search for a warehouse, ensure you check if the warehouse is climate-controlled or not. The climate-controlled warehouses help in keeping your household goods, clothing, electronics safe or not. It helps in protecting the relocation items from mildew or any other weather-related damages. 

  • Check if there is proper security surveillance or not, if they maintain an inventory of their clients or not.  

  • Clean the storage unit properly. Check if there are any cracks, leakages, sharp edges, etc. that might damage your goods. If it is an indoor storage unit, check if it is climate-controlled or not. If it is an outdoor storage unit, ensure that you have done proper arrangements to protect your valuables from rough weather conditions.

  • Last, do not forget to spray pest-control to avoid any damage kind damages to the household items. 

Have an inventory of your own

House shifting always needs proper planning and your own checklist which you will need throughout, keep a track of the points mentioned below to have proper knowledge of your belongings:

  • When you pack your belongings, there will be an ocean of things you would be packing around and there would be thousands of chances that you would miss out a few or you might forget if you actually packed them or not. 

  • When you pack the things in carton boxes, make a list of your own. Click pictures of the packed items for proof, if you pack something that is expensive or valuable click the basic details of those items and keep them safe with you. 

  • You can also label the cartons or boxes with the basic details and name of the storage unit and its location as well. 

  • Maintain your own write-up so that you don’t forget or miss out on things in the storage. 

Pack your valuables carefully

Your home contains a variety of goods that need different packaging, it is necessary that you should know how to pack the most fragile items along with the easy-going ones.   

  • When you pack the household items, plastic sheets can be used in good amounts, as it protects your goods and helps in moving the huge items like furniture, etc. easily. 

  • Use the protective packaging material to stuff and pack the delicate items to ensure they do not break during transit and remain safe throughout. 

  • When you pack your goods, ensure you fill heavy items in smaller cartons and place the light items in big cartons as it becomes easy to lift, load, and unload.

  • In a carton, put the heavy things at the bottom of the box and put the light items on the top so that the heavier ones do not squish in the light ones. 

  • Label your boxes as descriptive as possible, write the contents of the box on the top, mention if they are FRAGILE and need to be handled with care. 

Tips for damage-free packing of appliances & furniture

Furniture and appliances are huge items that can be dismantled and kept aside, or a few of them need a day of preparation before you pack them and transfer them to the warehouse, read the below-mentioned hacks for your home shifting:

  • Use protective packing materials like bubble wrap, corrugated sheets, plastic sheets, packing papers, etc. to ensure the delicate items are safe. 

  • Place the picture frames, art pieces, or glass objects vertically by placing packing papers properly to avoid breakage. 

  • While packing the mirror items, do not forget to make a cross with tape, so that in case they break during transit, it does not scramble everywhere and spoil other items. 

  • Equipment which contains petrol or any kind of liquid, ensure you drain them out when you pack them or store them along with other household items. 

  • When you leave your expensive and beloved furniture in storage, ensure you have taken proper precautions for it. Dismantle the furniture and pack the screw and bolts in a zip-lock and tape it to the furniture itself, so it is easy to reassemble it later. 

  • In case furniture like wardrobe or drawers, etc. which cannot be dismantled, use the empty space inside it and stuff them with other household items. 

  • For appliances, like the fridge, defrost and clean it, dismantle the slabs and pack them separately with bubble-wraps or packing sheets. Leave the door of the fridge open to ensure proper hygiene. 

Take up the right tips to pack your valuables and store them at the warehouse all safe. Before leaving the warehouse, ensure you have done and re-checked everything like over-look on your inventory, count on the boxes, do not forget to click pictures, etc. We can help you with the best warehouse facilities in India, fill this form and AssureShift will refer you to the best service providers for warehouse or storage facilities. 

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